PhD Projects

TREAD offers 11 PhD projects that will be accomplished by exposing the recruited DCs to trans-disciplinary dimension, i.e. earthquake geology and hazard assessments, geomechanics, and insurance and decision-making domains.

Each DC will have a Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) that will be defined with their Supervisors. Each DC will develop an individual project, through integrated scientific approaches based on solving scientific problems in seismic hazard. This procedure will help DCs to develop their scientific ethics and critical minds. Moreover, with the presentation of their research at international conferences, in peer-reviewed international journals, and during outreach activities and mandatory TREAD meetings, DCs will develop their communication skills and gain their independence. Their training will be done at several levels: (i) immersion in the scientific and technical environments of each participant recruiting or hosting for secondments; (ii) benefiting from advanced courses available at academic partners accessible to each DC, to which they will attend, in agreement with their supervisors; (iii) network workshops and training schools to complete their exposure to the three scientific fields and three paths of the TREAD project. The overall timeline of the training is shown in this Figure.